In the Footsteps of Ghandi and Martin Luther King To Defend a Garden

Some of you have probably heard of the Oak Park, Michigan mother of six, Julie Bass, who could possibly spend 3 months in jail for having a vegetable garden (nice, neat raised beds) in her front lawn. If not, Google it and bring yourself up to date. Seems their city officials don’t know how to read their own ordinance…

Instead of expounding on what I think is an absolutely ludicrous situation, I am going to link you to No Unsacred Place  and the post, “Sustainable Living as Civil Disobedience” .

Please ignore the “pagan” on the website  if that bothers you, and keep reading because what the author, Alison Leigh Lilly, says has nothing to do with that. It is a thoughtful, insightful article on ordinary citizens responding with their consciences against nonsensical, outdated ideas.

You might say, “Come on, this isn’t civil rights, or the independence of India.” No, but it is about FOOD which we all NEED to live. It is about the right to grow your own heathy food (six kids eat a lot) if you choose, and it is about one person having to destroy that food because of a neighbor’s idea of aesthetics. This is about what happens if our transportation system gets bogged down, no deliveries to the grocery stores, but no one was allowed to grow their own food (i.e. food security), because it didn’t look “normal” in a front yard.

Well, I said I wasn’t going to go on about this, so I will just ask you to read about Ms. Bass and how she is not going away quietly. I, for one, am cheering her on. I think Ghandi and Dr. King would too.

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5 responses to “In the Footsteps of Ghandi and Martin Luther King To Defend a Garden

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  2. Robin, thank you for sharing this. I hadn’t heard of this issue and it’s appalling to think that this is the type of stuff that ties up a court.

  3. Hello Robin,

    I have made similar posts on my blog



    • Thanks, Harry, for checking in. I checked out your blog and I had to laugh at your Honda 60 cc. I wish Hondas got 40 mpg now (well, the hybrids do…) but a little car like that doesn’t work so well here in the woods on hilly, gravel roads. Keep posting about the environment and water issues-it is important.

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