Help Give by Blogging – Nathan Bransford’s challenge

I know I don’t post on Wednesdays but literary agent Nathan Bransford has come up with a challenge. Comment on his blog and he’ll give $1.00 per post to Heifer International. So I joined his challenge – in my own way. If I have 35 comments on this post, I will donate enough for a beehive. (My husband’s a beekeeper) All you have to do is comment. Similar to Nathan’s blog, all you have to do is give your first name, a holiday wish, and, if you like, a link to your blog. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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35 responses to “Help Give by Blogging – Nathan Bransford’s challenge

  1. Hooray! Thanks so much for participating. My grandfather was a beekeeper, and they’re definitely special people!

  2. Anna
    Peace, love and happiness :)

    I have a similar pledge up at, so come by to comment :)

  3. Here’s for 1/35 of a beehive!

  4. My wish is for all of us who are participating in this challenge to meet our goals. Help me with mine and stop by

    Happy holidays!

  5. I’m participating in Nathan’s drive, too:
    Go, us!

    Name: Susan Quinn
    Holiday Wish: To keep all my blessings in mind, even after the New Year, when I start my official collection of rejection letters.

  6. Regan Leigh
    To better my writing. :) (I’m also donating for comments.)

  7. Another comment for the beehive!

  8. Woohoo! Let’s shoot for a beehive together! Thanks for doing this!

    Name: May Vanderbilt
    Wish: A little quite time to curl up with a big book

  9. Have a wonderful memory filled holiday safe and responsible and “go green”>>> save the earth!!!

  10. I wish for us all to be kinder to each other and our planet.

    This is a great step. Thanks for doing this.

  11. My holiday wish is for a local family that recently lost their home in a fire. You’re all invited to visit my blog–it’s my new year’s resolution so don’t come by until after Jan.1! I’m at

  12. I’m in! Is there a deadline? (I know writers LOVE deadlines!) I’ll pass the word along. Happy holidays.

  13. Hi Robin!

    I’m Mags. My wish is that you have a wonderful holiday season and a 2010 full of awesomeness! (Also, add beekeeper to the list of jobs I’m glad someone else does! I do love honey… and flowers!)


  14. Hello, Robin,
    Lovely to visit your online home. Thanks for this!
    My holiday wish is for the unseen to become seen.

  15. Robin, that’s great!

    I’m Joel Friedlander from San Rafael, California.
    I blog at

  16. Holiday wish: To finish the first five pages of my book today!

    (The link is in my name!)

  17. For the beehive!…. I hope you reach your goal, Mom! :)

  18. A wish for safety to all those who are travelling.

  19. Your husband is a beekeeper? That is too cool. I have fantasies about being a beekeeper (perhaps from watching Fried Green Tomatoes too many times?) but have never really investigated it. Earlier today I actually saw this post ( about a beekeeper in the Seattle area today and wished I knew of something similar in the Denver area. Perhaps that will be my wish for 2010: that someone in the Denver Metro area takes the leap into urban/CSA-style beekeeping!

    I’m adding to the donation pool myself, so feel free to stop by and hold me accountable, too. Thanks!

  20. Simply done! Happy, happy holidays! I wish everyone safe, safe travel. (Oh . . . my husband is a beekeeper too!)

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  22. Thanks for doing this! Happy Holidays!

  23. I’m in on the fun, too. If you want to push my pledge to Heifer International up comment on my new blog – So Many Dreams at

  24. I’m Mary Jo from Hoboken, NJ, and I wish everyone would take better care of our beautiful planet.

    Thanks for your generosity and happy holidays!

  25. Thanks for doing this!

  26. Thanks for doing this! May your donation help bring more peace, prosperity, and happiness into the world for the new year and beyond.

  27. It’s great that you’re doing this, happy holidays!

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